Orca Virtual Production

Unified shooting environment

The LED panels surround the physical set with a wide range of light and color values. Live content on the walls enriches reflections and lights the characters and props, creating a fully cohesive scene.

Sets as supporting roles

Strategic practical elements give the eye an anchor point between real actors and the virtual background, smoothing the integration and making the most out of the real-life reflections produced by the LED volume.

Magic Hour at any hour

There is no limit of time to shoot complex and short climatological situations. Continuity is not a utopia anymore.


Fully digital sets react in real-time to moving cameras and scenes, selling the illusion of depth, so the canvas isn’t limited to the physical display anymore. VP allows for full camera freedom.

Virtual Lighting

We expand on-set lighting into the virtual world, letting gaffers control every inch of lighting of the set.

One set, multiple locations

Switch through different places and worlds in a matter of seconds..

Green screen without green skin

Green screens are still an option. Only that now, the green color gets positioned live only in the small portion of the LED walls that the camera can see, while keeping the virtual environment in all the rest. This means your plate’s background will be green, but the color spill and reflections on the actors will instead come from the actual colors of the scene. This is the next step in chroma keying.