Scout locations from within

The system enables directors and DoPs to scout locations from “within” the environment thanks to virtual reality. They will be able to change digital elements, check the light and change it etc… and to plan the entire scene thanks to a virtual visor for the director.

LED screens serve as the main source of lighting

Starting from the ceiling – same as for the sky on a normal exterior shoot – and ending with the two vertical panels that surround the set. This way light affects the stage and the actors in real-time responding to camera’s movements, and changing, according to the position of the sun in the environment (parameter that can be also modified) and allowing to adjust the different parameters of colorimetry of the scene as tones and saturation, all of that using an app on an iPad.

Full control of the weather and lighting conditions

Within seconds it is possible to completely change the lighting effect for the same stage. Dusk, dawn, sunrise, sunset, night, day, different weather conditions are all modifiable and will make possible to shoot under a permanent magic hour.

Simplifying physical production

Avoiding travels between multiple locations, saving on expensive locations, traffic control etc…

Security and versatility

BlackBox VPX makes it possible to film any type of location in a safe and controlled environment. It allows changes to the schedule and last-minute reshuffling of the scenes’ order, all at the click of a button, launching the new scene’s environment and coming back to the old one when necessary.