Virtual Production

The latest advancements in real-time rendering, live camera tracking and LED technology enabled a completely new way of producing films, thanks to the techniques referred to as Virtual Production (or VPX). One of such techniques is shooting in the LED volume, a physical stage with high quality LED panels that work both synergistically as a backdrop and as the environment lighting for the characters and real props, not only making the camera believe it’s immersed inside a virtual environment that responds to its movements, but also accompanying the scene with the actual lighting that its environment would produce.

For this illusion to work, the total latency of the system has to be really low and all the pieces must be tuned in perfect sync: the LED screens, camera tracker, rendering machines, camera sensor, etc. Additionally, the color management system must be able to compensate for a variety of light and color phenomenon that occur when displaying and shooting images, a field in which the team of Orca Studios has put in extensive research and fine tuning in order to adhere to the industry’s highest quality standards.

These points go in hand with an international team of pre and post production artists that are able to deliver everything from hyper-realistic environments to fantasy worlds that can now surround the actors physically.