We believe this is the perfect time to explore and apply the potential of VR to the film and television industry. We developed a revolutionary system based on Unreal Engine, which could radically change the way in which filmmakers approach pre and post production.

An Unreal’s virtual camera is plugged-in on an AR kit or tablet, which feed camera position to the engine, enabling the filmmaker to use that device as a portal into the virtual world of the project.

Imagine a virtual storyboard, inside which it is possible to freely move around. For a fraction of the price of the current popular systems, we make possible to pre-visualise entire virtual environments, exploring them as if they are real.

It is possible to experiment with camera angles, camera movements, grip, lighting before the actual shoot take place, not only saving time and money but allowing directors and cinematographers full control over the storyboard and the shoot.


Director of Photography


Once the world has been created and explored, our on camera-tracking technology enables virtual graphics to be super-imposed in real-time onto live-action photography. The system allows filmmaker to compose and frame the shot through an eyepiece as if the CG world is real choosing everything: position of the camera, lens, zoom, focus etc.

LED Wall

We have recently developed the use of LED screens. Static images or pre-rendered footage is played on giant LED screens. This allows the camera to acquire realistic interactive lighting, and eventually more “fly-on-the-wall angles”, while immersing the actors into the shots and allowing more in-camera shots.

Recently this system has proved incredibly successful for features such as First Man, where it proved key in providing visor reflections and even reflections on dials inside spacecraft.

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Film Crew


Orca offers state of the art VFX through a team of in-house talented artists and freelancers.