Visual effects

Orca Studios is a full-coverage virtual production and visual effects house, with an integrated pipeline that is able to cover every stage of film production, all the way from virtual preproduction to the final image. This approach enables us to advise our clients while having control over all the stages of pre and post production, generating highly flexible and cost-effective pipelines with the highest quality results for every project.

We offer a strong and seasoned team with multiple years of experience in breaking box-office AAA projects on the market (Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Paramount, Skydance and many others), with multi-disciplinary professional backgrounds, (and) [maybe “including”] former employees or regular collaborators (with) [maybe “of”] well known players on the VFX industry (ILM, Weta, The Mill, Trixter, Scanline VFX, MPC, AMC, dneg, etc.) on film, animation and advertising.

Orca brings a fresh perspective to the industry as we put a strong emphasis on scalable open-source standards, software and R&D in order to have the resources to be as flexible as each project requires, while having the know-how and experience with the bleeding edge technology that is used in high-end productions.