Our Locations

Orca Studios’ first VPX soundstage is located in Madrid, offering a full-featured environment for virtual production, with its cornerstone being the LED volume that features a high resolution 100 m² curved wall, showing 1000nit HDR images perfectly calibrated towards each camera sensor, and a set of accessory LED screens for real-time environment lighting that go up to 6000nit. This environment is highly customizable and connects to our real-time camera tracking and rendering systems, allowing for everything from shooting regular plates to complex 3D environments that respond to the camera motion while surrounding the actors and props.

Equipped with the newest technologies, our facilities bring an opportunity for directors and filmmakers to change the way we shoot film and high end tv series.

In addition to the LED environment, the Madrid stage is a completely equipped facility for film and TV productions, including parking space and three floors of dressing, makeup and meeting rooms.