Virtual production at its finest

Orca Studios is an independent visual effects and virtual production house, built from the ground up around innovative real-time technologies, by a seasoned team of professionals from the film industry.

Using cutting-edge technology paired with a solid and consistent experience in traditional production, Orca Studios has developed an integrated, multi-user, collaborative pipeline that combines virtual production and visual effects, allowing for most of the critical decisions to be taken during the first steps of pre-production, offering users an unprecedented level of control over costs, time and efficiency.

One of the highlights of this approach is the possibility to film in LED stages, which allows for the creation of safe environments, paramount in current times, while reducing production times and simplifying the entire logistics involved in shooting. This goes in hand with virtual previz and scouting, and a high security and completely on-the-cloud pre and post production pipeline.

With offices in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid and Barcelona, Orca is proud to offer a revolutionary way of bringing ideas to the screens, thanks to a team of top-class artists and a production-tested infrastructure built to the highest standards.